Current Projects

Supply & Delivery - Eddystone

Manitoba Infrastructure;  Supply and delivery of traffic gravel in the vicinity of Eddystone.

PTH 5A West Service Road

Manitoba Infrastructure;  Construction of granular fill embankment, granular base course, and bituminous pavement on a new alignment adjacent to Provincial Trunk Highway 5A from Municipal Road 144N (Triangle Road) to 0.4km North for a total construction distance of 430m in the City of Dauphin.

Stockpiling Aggregate; Eriksdale - Ashern - Gypsumville Area

Manitoba Infrastructure;  Supplying, crushing, loading, hauling, and stockpiling Limestone Traffic Gravel and Bituminous Pavement for use on Provincial Roads in the Municipalities of Coldwell, West Interlake, Grahamdale and Unorganized Territory. 

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