Past Projects

We are involved in a number of different aspects of the Construction Industry. Here’s a look at some of our Past Projects!

Depositing and Stockpiling

Manitoba Infrastructure Arden, Oakville Area Supplying, crushing, loading, hauling, depositing and stockpiling traffic gravel on, or for use on, roads in the Municipalities of Glenella-Lansdowne, Westlake-Gladstone, North Norfolk, Rosedale and Portage la Prairie.

Clearing PTH 5

Manitoba Infrastructure Clearing, stockpiling and/or disposing of trees and hauling and stockpiling Rip-Rap as part of flood preparation work on Provincial Truck Highway 5. 0.1km South of the Assiniboine River Bridge, in Spruce Woods Provincial Park.

Grade Widening PTH 39

Manitoba Infrastructure

Construction of a widened embankment using crushed rock 125mm minus, composite slopes and granular base course shoulders including supply and installation of steel casing culverts by jacking and filling existing corrugated metal culverts of Provincial Truck Highway 39 from 21.5km East of Provincial Road 392 to 35.7km East of Provincial Road 392, for a total construction distance of approximately 14.2km in the Unorganized Electoral Division of Flin Flon.

Stockpiling Aggregate

Manitoba Infrastructure

Dauphin, McCreary, Rorketon Area

Section I

Supplying, crushing, loading, hauling, and stockpiling traffic gravel for use on Provincial Roads in the Municipalities of Gilbert Plains, Ethelbert, Dauphin, Alonsa, Ste Rose, Mossy River, Lakeshore, McCreary and Unorganized Territory.

Section II

Supplying, crushing, loading, hauling and stockpiling Traffic Gravel Class “A” Limestone for use on Provincial Road 481 in the Municipality of Alonsa and R.M of Lakeshore.


Section III

Supplying, crushing, loading, hauling and stockpiling Seal Coat Cover Class “A” for use on Provincial Roads in the Municipality of Alonsa and McCreary.

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